Vol. 13(2) August 2019 | Table of Contents
Alive. Active. Adaptive: Experiential Knowledge and Emerging Materials
Elvin Karana , Nithikul Nimkulrat , Elisa Giaccardi , Kristina Niedderer , Jeng-Neng Fan
Special Issue on Material and Design
Radically Relational Tools: A Design Framework to Explore Materials through Embodied Processes
Bruna Beatriz Petreca , Carmem Saito , Sharon Baurley , Douglas Atkinson , Xuemei Yu , Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze
Prototyping Materials Experience: Towards a Shared Understanding of Underdeveloped Smart Material Composites
Bahareh Barati , Elvin Karana , Paul Hekkert
Behavioral Complexity as a Computational Material Strategy
Mads Hobye , Maja Fagerberg Ranten
Negotiation between the Maker and Material: Observations on Material Interactions in Felting Studio
Bilge Merve Aktas , Maarit Mäkelä