Vol. 10(1) April 2016 | Table of Contents
Social Design: An Introduction
Dung-Sheng Chen , Lu-Lin Cheng , Caroline Hummels , Ilpo Koskinen
Special Issue on Social Design and Innovation
The Goldilocks Conundrum: The ‘Just Right’ Conditions for Design to Achieve Impact in Public and Third Sector Projects
Joyce S. R. Yee , Hazel White
Service Design for Social Innovation through Participatory Action Research
Chen-Fu Yang , Tung-Jung Sung
Using Community Engagement to Drive Co-Creation in Rural China
Wei Wang , Nick Bryan-Kinns , Tie Ji
Sharing Design Agency with Local Partners in Participatory Design
Chiara Del Gaudio , Carlo Franzato , Alfredo Jefferson de Oliveira
Utopian, Molecular and Sociological Social Design
Ilpo Koskinen , Gordon Hush
Design Case Studies
Publics, Participation and the Making of Umeå Pantry
Aditya Pawar , Johan Redstrom