International Journal of Design
ISSN: 1994-036X (online); 1991-3761 (print)

Vol. 8(1) April 2014 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Everyday Design as a Design Resource
Hyangah Kim , Woohun Lee
Source Selection in Product Metaphor Generation: The Effects of Salience and Relatedness
Nazli Cila , Paul Hekkert , Valentijn Visch
Materializing Movement—Designing for Movement-based Digital Interaction
Lise Amy Hansen , Andrew Morrison
Evocative Balance: Designing for Interactional Empowerment
Anna Ståhl , Jonas Löwgren , Kristina Höök
What Drivers Really Want: Investigating Dimensions in Automobile User Needs
Dimitrios Gkouskos , Carl Jörgen Normark , Sus Lundgren
Kitchen Living in Later Life: Exploring Ergonomic Problems, Coping Strategies and Design Solutions
Martin Charles Maguire , Sheila Peace , Colette Nicolle , Russell Marshall , Ruth Sims , John Percival , Clare Lawton
User Characteristics and Behaviour in Operating Annoying Electronic Products
Chajoong Kim
Package Design: Colour Harmony and Consumer Expectations
Shuo-Ting Wei , Li-Chen Ou , M. Ronnier Luo , John B. Hutchings
Design Case Studies
Uprooting Products of The Networked City
Jørn Georg Sannes Knutsen
Pragmatism and Design Thinking
Peter Dalsgaard
Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Yaliang Chuang, Managing Editor