Vol. 6(1) April 2012 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Beyond Surprise: A Longitudinal Study on the Experience of Visual-Tactual Incongruities in Products
Geke D.S. Ludden , Hendrik NJ Schifferstein , Paul Hekkert
The Influence of Visual and Tactile Inputs on Denim Jeans Evaluation
Osmud Rahman
I Knew I Shouldn’t, Yet I Did It Again! Emotion-driven Design as a Means to Motivate Subjective Well-being
Deger Ozkaramanli , Pieter M. A. Desmet
Design Case Studies
Designing for Unexpected Encounters with Digital Products: Case Studies of Serendipity as Felt Experience
Rung-Huei Liang
Challenges of Doing Empathic Design: Experiences from Industry
Carolien Postma , Elly Zwartkruis-Pelgrim , Elke Daemen , Jia Du
The Quality of Design Participation: Intersubjectivity in Design Practice
Denny K L Ho , Yanki C Lee
Supporting Creativity Within Web-based Self-services
Elizabeth Mara Gerber , Caitlin Kennedy Martin