International Journal of Design
ISSN: 1994-036X (online); 1991-3761 (print)

Vol. 3(2) August 2009 | Table of Contents
Special Issue Editorial: Design & Emotion
Pieter Desmet , Paul Hekkert
Special Issue on Design & Emotion
Emotions by Design: A Consumer Perspective
Ravindra Chitturi
Symbolic Meaning Integration in Design and its Influence on Product and Brand Evaluation
Thomas Van Rompay , Ad Pruyn , Peter Tieke
Bloody Robots as Emotional Design: How Emotional Structures May Change Expectations of Technology Use in Hospitals
Thomas Markussen
Appraisal Patterns of Emotions in Human-Product Interaction
Erdem Demir , Pieter M. A. Desmet , Paul P. M. Hekkert
Comparing Thermographic, EEG, and Subjective Measures of Affective Experience During Simulated Product Interactions
Sean Jenkins , Raymond Brown , Neil Rutterford
Exploring Relationships between Touch Perception and Surface Physical Properties
Xiaojuan Chen , Fei Shao , Cathy Barnes , Tom Childs , Brian Henson
Approachability: How People Interpret Automatic Door Movement as Gesture
Wendy Ju , Leila Takayama
Design Case Studies
Contemporary Ceramic Design for Meaningful Interaction and Emotional Durability: A Case Study
Emma Lacey