Vol. 18(1) April 2024 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Redefining Repair as a Value Co-Creation Process for Circular Economy: Facilitated Do-It-Yourself Repair
Serkan Bayraktaroğlu , Elif İdemen
One Size Does Not Fit All—Facilitating Participation of People with Intellectual Disability in Design of Digital Technology
Mugula Chris Safari , Sofie Wass , Elin Thygesen
Ultra-Personalization of Safety Footwear: Unperceived Opportunities and Perceived Risks
Svetlana Mironcika , Joep Frens , Stephan Wensveen
Design Case Studies
Participatory Futuring with Citizens as One Way of Designing for Sustainability Transitions of a National Art Museum in Korea
Hyori Lee , Minju Han , Byeongkuk Kwak , Seungho Park-Lee
Politicizing the Pictogram: Participatory Design Approaches within Indigenous Community Communication
Nathaly Carolina Pinto , Andrea Botero , Guy Julier
The Right to Contestation: Towards Repairing Our Interactions with Algorithmic Decision Systems
Robert Patrick Collins , Johan Redström , Marco Rozendaal