International Journal of Design
ISSN: 1994-036X (online); 1991-3761 (print)

Vol. 1(3) December 2007 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Fluency as an Experiential Quality in Augmented Spaces
Jonas Löwgren
Towards Female Preferences in Design – A Pilot Study
Lishan Xue , Ching Chiuan Yen
Effects of Visual-Auditory Incongruity on Product Expression and Surprise
Geke D.S. Ludden , Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein
Materials in Products Selection: Tools for Including User-Interaction in Materials Selection
Ilse van Kesteren , Pieter Jan Stappers , Sjef de Bruijn
Path-dependent Foundation of Global Design-driven Outdoor Trade in the Northwest of England
Mary B Rose , Terence Love , Mike Parsons
Unstated Contributions – How Artistic Inquiry Can Inform Interdisciplinary Research
Chris Rust
Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Yaliang Chuang, Managing Editor