Vol. 14(3) December 2020 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Design Strategies for Promoting Young Children’s Physical Activity: A Playscapes Perspective
Boudewijn Boon , Marco C. Rozendaal , Marry M. van den Heuvel-Eibrink , Janjaap van der Net , Martine van Grotel , Pieter Jan Stappers
Routinoscope: Collaborative Routine Reflection for Routine-Driven Do-It-Yourself Smart Homes
Jong-bum Woo , Youn-kyung Lim
Living Artefacts: Conceptualizing Livingness as a Material Quality in Everyday Artefacts
Elvin Karana , Bahareh Barati , Elisa Giaccardi
Multiple Intelligibility in Constructive Design Research: The Case of Empathic Design
Jung-Joo Lee , Ilpo Koskinen , Jack Whalen
Design for Complex Situations: Navigating ‘Matters of Concern’
Nicholas Spencer , Mark Bailey
T-Shifting Identities and Practices: Interaction Designers in the Fourth Industrial Age
Jamie Steane , Jo Briggs , Joyce Yee
Impact-Centered Design: Introducing an Integrated Framework of the Psychological and Behavioral Effects of Design
Steven Fokkinga , Pieter Desmet , Paul Hekkert
Nomadic Practices: A Posthuman Theory for Knowing Design
Ron Wakkary
Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Yaliang Chuang