Vol. 14(2) August 2020 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
The Aesthetics of Coupling: An Impossible Marriage
Lukas Van Campenhout , Joep Frens , Kristof Vaes , Caroline Hummels
Getting Participatory Design Done: From Methods and Choices to Translation Work across Constituent Domains
Andrea Botero , Sampsa Hyysalo , Cindy Kohtala , Jack Whalen
Developing a Toolkit for Prototyping Machine Learning-Empowered Products: The Design and Evaluation of ML-Rapid
Lingyun Sun , Zhibin Zhou , Wenqi Wu , Yuyang Zhang , Rui Zhang , Wei Xiang
Supporting Food Design Processes: Development of Food Design Cards
Youngsil Lee , Carola Breuer , Hendrik NJ Schifferstein
Designing Behaviour Change: A Behavioural Problem/Solution (BPS) Matrix
Philip Cash , Pramod Khadilkar , Joanna Jensen , Camilla Dusterdich , Ruth Mugge
Positive User Experience over Product Usage Life Cycle and the Influence of Demographic Factors
JungKyoon Yoon , Chajoong Kim , Raesung Kang
Design Case Studies
Designing Tactful Objects for Sensitive Settings: A Case Study on Families Dealing with Childhood Cancer
Patrizia D'Olivo , Kelly L. A. van Bindsbergen , Jaap Huisman , Martha A. Grootenhuis , Marco C. Rozendaal