Vol. 12(2) August 2018 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Pioneering Online Design Teaching in a MOOC Format: Tools for Facilitating Experiential Learning
Jaap Daalhuizen , Jan Schoormans
Design Choices Framework for Co-creation Projects
Jung-Joo Lee , Miia Jaatinen , Anna Salmi , Tuuli Mattelmäki , Riitta Smeds , Mari Holopainen
Sketching Imaginative Experiences: From Operation to Reflection via Lively Interactive Artifacts
Kenny K. N. Chow
From Abstract to Tangible: Supporting the Materialization of Experiential Visions with the Experience Map
Serena Camere , Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein , Monica Bordegoni
A Preliminary Study of the Form and Status of Passionate Affection Emoticons
Ting-Ju Lin , Chien-Hsiung Chen
Designing Objects with Meaningful Associations
Daniel Orth , Clementine Thurgood , Elise van den Hoven
Store Design: Visual Complexity and Consumer Responses
Ju Yeun Jang , Eunsoo Baek , So-Yeon Yoon , Ho Jung Choo
Design Case Studies
When the Material Grows: A Case Study on Designing (with) Mycelium-based Materials
Elvin Karana , Davine Blauwhoff , Erik-Jan Hultink , Serena Camere