Vol. 6(2) August 2012 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Faces of Product Pleasure: 25 Positive Emotions in Human-Product Interactions
Pieter Desmet
The Effects of Website Designs, Self-Congruity, and Flow on Behavioral Intention
Erin Cho , Youn-Kyung Kim
Basic Semantics of Product Sounds
Elif Özcan , Rene van Egmond
Older Adults’ Motivations, Patterns, and Improvised Strategies of Using Product Manuals
Wang-Chin Tsai , Wendy A. Rogers , Chang-Franw Lee
Design for Interest: Exploratory Study on a Distinct Positive Emotion in Human-Product Interaction
JungKyoon Yoon , Pieter M. A. Desmet , Aadjan van der Helm
Effects of Novelty and Its Dimensions on Aesthetic Preference in Product Design
Wei-Ken Hung , Lin-Lin Chen
Design Case Studies
Participatory Design with Marginalized People in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities Experienced in a Field Study in Cambodia
Sofia Hussain , Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders , Martin Steinert