Vol. 5(3) December 2011 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Do Users Know What Designers Are Up To? Product Experience and the Inference of Persuasive Intentions
Nathan Crilly
Isn’t It Cute: An Evolutionary Perspective of Baby-Schema Effects in Visual Product Designs
Linda Miesler , Helmut Leder , Andreas Herrmann
Touching a Stranger: Designing for Engaging Experience in Embodied Interaction
Mads Hobye , Jonas Löwgren
Designing for Social Configurations: Pattern Languages to Inform the Design of Ubiquitous Computing
Sebastian Denef , Reinhard Oppermann , David Victor Keyson
The Effect of a Business-like Personality on the Perceived Performance Quality of Products
Ruth Mugge
Noisy Products: Does Appearance Matter?
Anna Fenko , Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein , Paul Hekkert
Laggards as Innovators? Old Users as Designers of New Services & Service Systems
Anna Essén , Britt Östlund
The Influence of Context on Product Judgement – Presenting Assistive Products as Consumer Goods
Ana Maria Vieira Rebelo Correia de Barros , Carlos Duarte , José Bulas Cruz
Design Case Studies
Interactivity Attributes for Expression-oriented Interaction Design
Youn-kyung Lim , Sang-Su Lee , Da-jung Kim
Designing to Support Social Connectedness: The Case of SnowGlobe
Thomas Visser , Martijn H. Vastenburg , David V. Keyson
Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Yaliang Chuang, Managing Editor