Vol. 5(2) August 2011 | Table of Contents
Special Issue Editorial: Designing for Services
Birgit Mager , Tung-Jung David Sung
Special Issue on Designing for Services
Designing Service Evidence for Positive Relational Messages
Kathy Pui Ying Lo
Service Innovation Through Touch-points: Development of an Innovation Toolkit for the First Stages of New Service Development
Simon David Clatworthy
Transformative Services and Transformation Design
Daniela Sangiorgi
Designing for Service as One Way of Designing Services
Lucy Kimbell
Benefits of Co-design in Service Design Projects
Marc Steen , Menno Manschot , Nicole De Koning
Evaluating Serviceability of Healthcare Servicescapes: Service Design Perspective
Seunghae Lee
Design Case Studies
Service Design and Change of Systems: Human-Centered Approaches to Implementing and Spreading Service Design
Michael Lin , Bobby Hughes , Mary Katica , Christi Zuber , Paul Plsek