Vol. 5(1) April 2011 | Table of Contents
International Journal of Design: Reaching the First Milestone
Lin-Lin Chen
Original Articles
The Innovation Pyramid: A Categorization of the Innovation Phenomenon in the Product-design Field
Lucia Rampino
Exploring How Industrial Designers Can Contribute to Scientific Research
Alex James Driver , Carlos Peralta , James Moultrie
A Framework and Representation for Universal Product Design
Daniel A. McAdams , Vincent Kostovich Kostovich
Combining 2D and 3D Design for Novel Packaging for Older People
Yada Chavalkul , Andrew Saxon , Robert N. Jerrard
How Deep Is Your Love: Deep Narratives of Ensoulment and Heirloom Status
Heekyoung Jung , Shaowen Bardzell , Eli Blevis , James Pierce , Erik Stolterman
On the Foundations of Interaction Design Aesthetics: Revisiting the Notions of Form and Expression
Lars Hallnäs
Design Case Studies
Design by Tangible Stories: Enriching Interactive Everyday Products with Ludic Value
Tek-Jin Nam , Changwon Kim