Vol. 4(3) December 2010 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
A Material Strategy: Exploring Material Properties of Computers
Anna VallgÄrda , Tomas Sokoler
Investigating the Haptic Aspects of Verbalised Product Experiences
Jessica Persdotter Dagman , MariAnne Karlsson , Li Wikström
Time-Based Strategy and Business Performance under Environmental Uncertainty: An Empirical Study of Design Firms in Taiwan
Tung-Jung David Sung , Yi-Ta Lu , Shu-Shiuan Ho
User-Material-Product Interrelationships in Attributing Meanings
Elvin Karana , Paul Hekkert
Information Use in Conceptual Design: Existing Taxonomies and New Approaches
Andrew J Wodehouse , William J Ion
State-of-the-Art Reviews
An Agenda for Research on the Relationships between Industrial Design and Performance
Marina Candi , Gerda Gemser
Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Yaliang Chuang, Managing Editor