Vol. 4(2) August 2010 | Table of Contents
Special Issue Editorial: Aesthetics of Interaction
Caroline Hummels , Kees Overbeeke
Special Issue on Designing for Aesthetics of Interaction
Designing Behavior in Interaction: Using Aesthetic Experience as a Mechanism for Design
Philip Roland Ross , Stephan Wensveen
“It’s so touching”: Emotional Value in Distal Contact
Charles Lenay
Perceiving While Being Perceived
Patrizia Marti
Studies of Dancers: Moving from Experience to Interaction Design
Lian Loke , Toni Robertson
Pleasantness in Bodily Experience: A Phenomenological Inquiry
Marco C Rozendaal , Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein
Computational Compositions: Aesthetics, Materials, and Interaction Design
Mikael Wiberg , Erica Reyna Robles