Vol. 2(2) August 2008 | Table of Contents
Special Issue Editorial: Cultural Aspects of Interaction Design
Keiichi Sato , Kuohsiang Chen
Special Issue on Cultural Aspects of Interaction Design
Mapping Cultural Frame Shifting in Interaction Design with Blending Theory
Thomas Markussen , Peter Gall Krogh
A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Users’ Perceptions of a Webpage: With a Focus on the Cognitive Styles of Chinese, Koreans and Americans
Ying Dong , Kun-pyo Lee
Influence of Cultural Background on Non-verbal Communication in a Usability Testing Situation
Pradeep G. Yammiyavar , Torkil Clemmensen , Jyoti Kumar
Requirements for the Design of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – The Differences between Swedish and Chinese Drivers
Anders Mikael Lindgren , Fang Chen , Patrick W. Jordan , Haixin Zhang
Exploration in Emotion and Visual Information Uncertainty of Websites in Culture Relations
Tzu-wei Tsai , Tien-Chun Chang , Ming-Chuen Chuang , Ding-Ming Wang
Political and Cultural Representation in Malaysian Websites
Adrian Min Choy Tong , Keith Stuart Robertson
Social Interaction Design in Cultural Context: A Case Study of a Traditional Social Activity
Ko-Hsun Huang , Yi-Shin Deng