Vol. 16(2) August 2022 | Table of Contents
Original Articles
Tension-and-Release: A Design Principle for Dynamic Materials
Amy Winters , Simone de Waart , Miguel Bruns
Design Framework for Audible Alarms: A Multidisciplinary and Integrated Approach
Rosana Sanz-Segura , Eduardo Manchado-Pérez , Elif Özcan
Design Capital: Unearthing the Design Capabilities of Community Groups
Katerina Alexiou , Vera Hale , Theodore Zamenopoulos
Engagements and Articulations of Ethics in Design Practice
Christian Dindler , Peter Gall Krogh , Kasper Tikær , Peter Nørregaard
Design Case Studies
Habitabilities of Living Artefacts: A Taxonomy of Digital Tools for Biodesign
Jiwei Zhou , Bahareh Barati , Elisa Giaccardi , Elvin Karana
Integrated Co-design: A Model for Co-designing with Multiple Stakeholder Groups from the ‘Fuzzy’ Front-end to Beyond Project Delivery
Jeremy Arthur Stuart Kerr , Michael Whelan , Okansa Zelenko , Keely Harper-Hill , Clare Villalba
Design with and by Marginalized People in Humanitarian Makerspaces
Lucia Corsini , Santosh Jagtap , James Moultrie
Designing for Cervical Cancer Screening in Rural Nicaragua: A Case Study in the Informal Emergence of Complex Human-Centered Service Design
Julia Kramer , Vivek Rao , Alice M. Agogino