Collaborative 3D Workspace and Interaction Techniques for Synchronous Distributed Product Design Reviews
Tek-Jin Nam, Kyung Sakong


This paper presents a collaborative 3D workspace that makes use of newly developed interaction techniques for synchronous distributed product design reviews. These new techniques were developed to enhance collaboration in regard to shared objects and shared workspaces. The requirements for such collaboration were determined through literature review and an observational study. An augmented reality based collaborative design workspace was developed in which the interaction techniques, the use of Sync-turntables and Virtual Shadows, were created to support shared manipulation, awareness of the actions of remote participants, and tele-presence. The Sync-turntable is a rotating synchronized table that provides intuitive physical representation of shared virtual 3D models. It also provides a physical cue of the remote participants’ manipulation. Virtual Shadows project body and hand silhouettes of remote participants which provides natural and continuous awareness of the location, gestures and pointing of collaborators. A lab-based user study was conducted, and the results show that these interaction techniques support awareness of general pointing and facilitate discussion in 3D product design reviews. The proposed workspace and interaction techniques are expected to facilitate more natural communication and to increase the efficiency of collaboration on virtual 3D models between distributed participants (designer-designer, engineer, or modeler) in collaborative design environments.

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